History is centrally placed in the study of the commemoration of the Ulster Covenant as it provides opportunities for students to uncover the tools of a historian and practice them in rigorous enquiry led activities. Students in history can be disempowered if they are only ever asked to work with other historians thinking, questioning and enquiries. These strategies will encourage teachers to engage their pupils in carrying out their own investigations, testing their own hypothesis and using historical evidence to justify their conclusions.

The strategies in this section of the website will

  • provide ideas for teachers of history for improving the learning experiences of their students in context of  the commemoration of the Ulster Covenant . Teachers can have instant access to practical ideas which are fully resourced in the Resources section of the site.
  • be relevant for both primary and post primary teachers and will include some teaching ideas for students of all age groups
  • based on multi disciplinary perspectives through History and aspects of PDMU and Citizenship, Drama and RE .


Enquiry led processes are encouraged throughout and are applicable to all key stages.

While each of the key stages has a unique contribution to make to the development of historical understanding, the process of enquiry is the same throughout all the key stages

Outline of strategies

  • History
  • Citizenship
  • Drama
  • Moral and Ethical issues