Lesson 4: What will we be commemorating in 100 years time?

Pupils are divided into groups. Each group has been asked by the government to design a shared memorial for the people of Northern Ireland. The design brief is

  • that the memorial is acceptable to and understood and appreciated by all communities in Northern Ireland; and
  • that people in a hundred years may be able to see some relevance in your memorial

Pupils should consider:

  • What types of memorials might be considered, for example a sculpture/a painting/a bridge/?
  • What are the key messages you want people to get from your memorial?
  • Will your key message be inclusive /something that all people, no matter which community/country they come from, could identify with?
  • Is it something that will make an impact on people’s lives now and in the future?
  • What materials will it be made of and why? Should the materials be sources locally, for example linen or brick?
  • Are there any existing symbols which would represent your key message?
  • Do you need to design your own symbol?
  • What colours would you chose or avoid?
  • Why is location important? Where might be a significant location?
  • Do you need to include any information on your memorial/ any key words or phrases about remembrance to include for the people who will be looking at your memorial now and in one hundred years time?

Children may wish to use the following links as stimulation



  • present their ideas (using PowerPoint /collage/picture/pamphlet/photostory)
  • critique and give constructive feedback using the questions above
  • make amendments/ adjustments / develop new ideas and submit their memorial designs
  • teacher provides feedback using the three criteria set by the government.


  • How did you find the process of collaborating in groups to construct your memorial?
  • What did you have disagreements about, and how were these settled?
  • Is it important for a country’s government to give people choice about what should be remembered, when it should be remembered and for how long?