Case Study 2

Case Study 2

School Newbridge Integrated College

Focus of case study : Handling Controversial Issues in our school


All staff initially and then the C.R.E.D team.

Year 13


As part of the school’s pastoral programme on developing diversity and inclusion for the school year 2013 -2014, the Principal and staff identified a need for training and development for staff initially, on how to teach controversial issues and what contribution could the various areas of learning could make to this area for development. In August 2013 the staff participated in the first training session which clarified what controversial issues were, what made them controversial in the context of Northern Ireland, and how could staff handle  these issues  when they arose informally in the school or taught discreetly in areas of learning such as History and English. The staff decided that a guide for handling controversial issues should be developed for the whole school and the C.R.E.D team was asked to help with its development.

The Principal decided that the Year13 pupils would also participate in the training and they were involved in a raising awareness session about controversial issues in September 2013 as part of their enrichment programme