Case Studies

Case Study 1: Commemoration of the women of 1916

This case study focuses on three lessons delivered to a class of year 10 girls in an all ability secondary school using three different methods of facilitation which were part of staff development training programme provided through the Shared Classrooms Deepening the Learning Project .

Case Study 2: Teaching Controversial Issues

As part of the school’s pastoral programme on developing diversity and inclusion for the school year 2013 -2014, the Principal and staff identified a need for training and development for staff initially, on how to teach controversial issues and what contribution could the various areas of learning could make to this area for development.

Case Study 3 : This case study outlines the process a whole school could follow when engaging with one of the commemorations during the Decade of Anniversaries in this case the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.The process in this case study was developed for  primary schools in the integrated sector but can be adopted by schools in other sectors and indeed in the lower secondary school as well. As well as whole school approaches the case study provides ideas for whole school assemblies, curriculum links and a topic plan with ideas for lessons.